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Gotomeeting in the Wider Community

It is perhaps textbook wisdom that, in order to earn the best return over time, Gotomeeting enlisted businesses need to nurture their customer relationships and service. But increasingly these days this requires them to demonstrate a wider commitment to the community and the environment, and Gotomeeting does not let anybody down on this score. What was once unusual - even quirky - is now commonplace, and is a response to growing consumer consciousness of wider connections. A cynic might argue that some of this is tokenism, or that it remains marginal in significance, but if the consensus on the Internet with issues of online meetings and networking is right, it would be wiser to see this as a rising tide of support for Gotomeeting and its ethical corporate objectives. What is indisputable is that the third element of value maximisation - the way a business engages with its people - takes us straight into the realm of sustainability and social responsibility. Most people want to be able to see themselves and the work they do, the business they are in, as making a contribution to society. It is abundantly clear that the next generation of Gotomeeting management demands to know what the policies of the company are for meeting the challenge. Moreover, anyone who has seen the way in which community involvement exhilarates colleagues in the workplace cannot fail to recognise the impact this has on their engagement with their work. For further insights on this see here, which is the Wikipedia article related to this topic. Here is a sample:


From politicians to the media, to people in business, to the customers and shareholders, the expectations are increasingly clear and vocal. This means that any business which values its brand, with Gotomeeting for being a clear example will see this challenge as integral to sustainable success. It also means that the company has to be able to ask and answer the question: how does the business we do contribute to the common good? Boards and senior management need to be to blame the answer convincingly to their own online meeting and Web conferencing people will. This is not just a matter for people nitpicking over technical details - it should be a central task of training and development programmes to help employees understand how their roles make its contribution in the wider context of the Gotomeeting organisation. If makes an uncomfortable question, then it is the corporate social responsibility of the company, at the very highest level, to face up to that question. An interesting thing to note is that all these elements are mutually reinforcing: good customer relationships and engaged people are essential to profit growth of Citrix, Gotomeeting and gotowebinar. Community commitment nurtures customer relationships and people development. Sustainable profit underpinning investment in people and community. Remove any of the components and the beneficial effects of the cycle dissolve away.

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