Examining the Political and Social Scope of Gotomeeting

How far can software solutions like Gotomeeting spread from the business world into other sectors of social and political life? For most people working in online business today, it seems likely that the old-style board meeting - in which tired departmental representatives, who have been travelling for hours or even days, turn up dishevelled and late - is permanently a thing of the past. However, when we step outside the business world, Gotomeeting and programmes like it seem to be suspiciously absent. We are not to assume by this, however, that such an application would not be beneficial or even necessary for the smooth running of affairs. Take for example the field of politics. While there is often no profit motive in direct discussion, political discussion over large distances could still benefit in so many ways from the adoption of a group cohesive system like Gotomeeting. Imagine the scene as political advisers from across the globe, called upon to resolve a pressing international crisis, log in to Citrix Gotomeeting to thrash out the problems of the world. It may sound fanciful, but it could soon be a reality. One would do well to refer back to gotomeeting in the wider community and freshen up on some concepts.


All that is required is a more aggressive, sector transcending approach from the Gotomeeting management. It is a responsibility to ensure maximum penetration in all sectors, and this can be achieved primarily through effective and thought-provoking advertising both on and off-line. The expense of these campaigns would be negligible compared to the potential benefits, both for the profit margins of the company, and for the smooth running effectiveness of meetings of all kinds throughout the world. Also to be mentioned, of course, is the environmental benefits of decreased air travel, and the concomitant cost benefits for those using Goto meeting or a similar style of software.

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Examining the Political and Social Scope of Gotomeeting

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