Gotomeeting and Ethics in the 21st Century

Much ink has been spilt over the proposition that Gotomeeting is a highly ethical tool, and somebody needs to clear up misconceptions regarding this highly popular platform for bringing people together across countries and continents. Let's start with the basic arguments for the ethical promotion of Gotomeeting, namely that it helps save the environment. The critical line of argument is this - managers and employees who are separated geographically will not have to buy plane tickets in order to meet effectively with one another for a conference, thus reducing their carbon footprints and benefiting the environment of planet Earth in general. Although this argument seems bullet-proof, the fact is that Gotomeeting may not be so ethical as might be thought. In order to understand why this might be the case, we need to look at the history of Web conferencing software online. In the very beginning, telnet was essentially a seed of business networking. The concept was born which allowed later systems such as Gotomeeting to be conceived of much more easily.


However, Gotomeeting's web servers use up a significant amount of power in order to support the thousands of subscribeing business users who engage in thousands of meetings every day of the year. Exactly how does this balance up in terms of carbon footprints in relation to the proposed carbon footprint reduction caused by a decreased need to travel by air? Further resources on gotomeeting and ethics found here.

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