Web Conferencing Shows Employment Boost in 2010

It will come as a surprise to few that users of Gotomeeting face a tough outlook in the online conferencing market for several years ahead after 2010, and this is for 4 main reasons. Initially, online conferencing saturation almost always takes time to recover after a recession. The recession the USA and the UK are emerging from was the deepest, on current figures, in the post-war period. However, unemployment in the online meeting sectors and in Citrix Gotomeeting was not as severe as feared. While this may be good news, it signifies that there is somewhat more slack within specific organisations in this regard; essentially for individuals on a reduced online meeting schedule within the Gotomeeting framework. In the words of IPG executive Chris Frankland:


Another factor which cannot be ignored is the squeeze on the Gotomeeting sector in general, which is traditionally a strong source of demand for young trainees. It will be exacerbated with governments all around the world planning billions of dollars worth of expenditure cuts in the next five years. In a study performed by the chartered Institute of web conferencing employment, it was revealed that less than 50% of organisations that usually launch Gotomeeting based training schemes will be doing so in the next two years. However, even in the primary traditional areas, fast-track schemes for advanced training will be taken up at an increasing rate (here is a link to one such scheme: gotomeeting user guide pdf). It is also critical to note that this will have a knock-on beneficial impact the technology and science involved in the field of online meetings and networking. The restrictions on the industry and have appeared at a juncture when the majority of blue-chip firms have begun to increase the rate at which they hire Gotomeeting professionals, in a few cases after being absent from the market for a number of years.

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